We are committed to enriching the lives of each and every child enrolled in EP via a holistic lesson plan specially designed by our team of volunteers.Our classes are conducted every Saturday from 2 - 4:30 PM at Towner Gardens School, which will occasionally be replaced with outdoor activities such as swimming and outings, each aiming to achieve the end objective of improving their fine & gross motor skills, as well as social & communication skills.

Promotes team bonding and encourages our beneficiaries to be active by dancing to their favorite songs 

Self Introduction
Beneficiaries will introduce themselves to the group to build their confidence and practice their social skills

Life Skills / 
Physical Education / Art & Craft
 / Individual Attachment (IA)
We aim to promote independent living by
doing household chores and understanding the concept of money, 
or teach them to 
in commonly played sports such as basketball, baseball, and badminton. 
Art & Craft will be carried out, usually bimonthly, or in conjunction with festivities like Mothers' Day, to express their love, while 
IA time will be tailored according to beneficiaries's individual ability and intellectual capability that caters to his/her learning needs. 
Program varies weekly

Tea Break 
Trainees are taught to cultivate good eating habits and table manners. They are occasionally tasked to prepare simple meals for themselves, such as egg sandwich, or burger

Session ends when volunteers gather and share about their beneficiaries' performance for the day

Outings are mostly co-organised with companies to local attractions and some organisations that have participated with us are JP Morgan and SATS BRF, to Universal Studios Singapore and Science Center

Held usually in June, all eight projects come together to experience new challenges, and make new friends! 

EP Camp
nual camp is held during the December school holidays at one of Singapore's chalet resorts. Family members of our beneficiaries also come together and bond over a BBQ night.